Where the heck am I

Almost seven months ago, I left everythng and hopped on a plane towards Australia. How did this all happen, why, what I did to be able to leave and why am I starting to write about it just now. Well I can answer you for the last question; I like planning and organizing things and then procrastinate on actually doing them. Sounds fun, right?

In the spring of 2016, I was really unhappy with my situation and constantly thinking how could I change it to make myself more happier and satisfied. I had a normal worker’s life; full-time job from monday to friday, working, going to the gym or jog, seeing friends, on the weekend cleaning and going out or visiting my family. I mean, it doesn’t sound that bad. You’re financially stable, no need to worry about being able to pay your bills and you’re spending time with your friends and family. Yeah, sounds nice.

I had a job that I was really grateful about and had awesome coworkers. It was my first job where I got paid so that I did never had to struggle with bills or being able to do something on my freetime. But still it’s just wasn’t for me.

During that spring, my cousin Sami, was planning on going to Australia to do working holiday. Now, you can get a working holiday visa for Australia if you are between the ages of 18-35. You can be in the country for a year and work and travel. You can work for the same employee for maximum six months. You can apply for the working holiday visa trough Australia’s government website. The visa that I got, was subclass 417 and it cost a bit under 300 euros. When I applied for the visa online, I got granted right away. When you get granted, you have exactly one year to step onto the country and activate your visa. Now there is also a possibility to extend your visa if you do 88 days of regional work which is usually working in a farm in the outback.

So he told me about his plans and then asked me why don’t I join? I couldn’t think about any reason why I wouldn’t; my work contract was ending at the end of august, I could easily give up my rented apartment, I had no one I was tied to. I still had a good think about it, because that’s how I am as a person. Then on the 18th of june, I applied for the visa, got granted and bought my ticket to Perth. And so began the waiting for the 28th of september.

When I told my family and friends that I was leaving, they were all very supportive for which I’m grateful. I went trough all my stuff, got rid off most of it, sold my furniture, gave my apartment away, packed my stuff and was fortunate enough to be able to store them in my sisters storage even though she wasn’t too happy about it. Thanks sis!

Traveling for me has always been something that I never thought I would be able to do. It’s always been my dream to travel the world and see and experience new things. To be actually able to travel to Australia, on the other side of the world, was a dream come true. Now Australia has never been one of the countries that I have to visit, it has never just occurred in my mind. But to be able to travel is just enough for me.

My last week in Finland, I stayed on my sisters couch, again thanks! The day before my flight, I went and stayed with my godparents, also thanks! Then on the 28th of september I got on to the plane and started my flight towards Perth, Western Australia. My first flight was with Finnair which was from Helsinki-Vantaa to Oslo, second flight was with Qatar Airways from Oslo to Doha and then the last flight was again with Qatar Airways from Doha to Perth.

Straya here I come!


One of the many foods on Qatar Airways

The total travel time from Helsinki to Doha was about 21-22 hours. The first flight was 1hr 35mins, second one 6hr 35mins and the last flight 10hr. First layover was 1hr 10mins and had to take couple of running steps to get to the next plane on time. The second and last layover was also about 1hr 15mins but I had time to walk to the gate and even had to wait about 20 minutes to board the plane.

I arrived to Perth on the 29th of september at 6pm. My cousin was waiting for me, which I’m thanful for so I didn’t have to try and navigate to the hostel by myself.

The hostel where we stayed at, was in Fremantle which is in Perth region and about 20-30 minute train ride away from Perth to the coast. The hostel was called Old Fire Station Backpackers (OFS) which is, like the name says, in an old fire station next to the new one.


Old Fire Station Backpackers

As I stepped into the hostel, the staff made me feel at home right away. The vibe the hostel has, is friendly and relaxed. They have private rooms and dorms from 4-12 people. Downstairs you have the office, common/dining area, dorms, kitchen, showers and toilets and a courtyard which has ping pong table and common area. Upstairs, again, you have dorms, toilets and showers, common/dining area, kitchen and area for just girls. The kitchens are well equipped and there is enough fridges for everyone’s food to go in. They also got pool table, big tv with Netflix, other tv with PS4, XBOX and Wii! Now I’ve never stayed in a hostel before going to OFS. For me, at first, it was weird to share the room with 7 other people and sleep in bunkbeds. Fortunately all my roommates were really friendly and respectful of each other. So in a couple of days I got “used” to it and enjoyed my stay there. OFS treated me well for the 1,5 months that I stayed there and I met some of the best people while staying there. I had a lot of fun and made great memories and friends.

A little bit about Perth and Fremantle. Perth is situated in the state of Western Australia and is the capital of that state. With the approximate population of 2.06 million people, Perth is the fourth-most populous city in Australia. I felt that the city itself isn’t that big, but there’s a lot of smaller towns that are part of the Perth region. The weather in Perth is pretty much always sunny and warm during summer. I didn’t really spend that much time in the city itself, but more on the coast.


Perth as seen from Kings Park

Fremantle again is a smaller town in Perth Region by the coast. You got pretty much everything there you need; train station, beach, market, shops and bars. It’s a nice place to live, but being a small town comes also limited opening hours; the whole place kinda shuts down at 5pm when shops close. During the weekends you got Fremantle markets from where you can buy pretty much anything varying from food to toys and clothes.


Some of the awesome artwork in Fremantle

Overall Perth and it’s region is a place worth visiting for with it’s multiple beaches.