Where I stayed in Melbourne

Okay it’s been quite a while since the last post and I apologize for that. I’ve been travelling and enjoying my time with people I care, but I’m gonna try my best for now to post more often to catch up to the present.

This post is just gonna be about accommodation that I had in Melbourne.

After spending one and half months on the west coast of Australia in Fremantle, it was time to see something else. On the 15th of november I took a plane from Perth to Melbourne. The flight was at midnight and only took three to four hours. I didn’t sleep at all on the plane and when I finally got to my hostel after a train and a bus, I was pretty tired. I was staying in a hostel called Europa Hostel. I get there around 7-8 in the morning. Of course like in most hostels, you can’t check in before 2pm. So I had to wait around until that time barely able to keep my eyes open. After checking in, I went straight to bed and slept for five hours and then got some food.

Europa Hostel was in it’s first month when I stayed there. I didn’t really feel comfortable there, it didn’t really have an atmosphere and the only common area was the kitchen/dining area. The rooms were in a hotel like hallway. The only thing I liked was the location, it’s on Queen St which is close to the Flagstaff Gardens and Train station.

The next hostel I stayed at was Discovery Hostel. I changed to this hostel because it was cheaper and my cousin was staying in this one. The hostel is a big one; they have five levels and have rooms in three of them and fifth level is the rooftop where you can chill. The hostel offers a free WiFi and breakfast. The breakfast ends around 10 and if you go and get it between 9-10, it’s usually gone. The WiFi was pretty okay though, it even worked in the rooms. But as the hostel is big it means also that there’s a lot of people cooking and the kitchen was really dirty at times. The rooftop wasn’t nothing special; huge area with two tables and chairs but a nice view. Again, the location was pretty good since it was right next to Queen Victoria Market.

After staying in CBD, me and my friend wanted to try St Kilda and see how it is in there. We stayed in St Kilda Nomads for three nights. Even having the reputation of being a party hostel, this one wasn’t too bad. The beds were really good; you had your own little privacy curtain, plug socket, USB and your own little reading light. The kitchen was pretty small but so is the hostel so it wasn’t too bad. Dining area was nice and spacious. Only thing was that there were these big fans that made really loud noise and that mixed with music, it got bit annoying. They also have a small rooftop which is quite a climb up. The hostel’s location is good as it is next to tram stop and only a short walk to the beach and Luna Park.

After St Kilda, we moved to Airbnb apartment for 3,5 weeks. The apartment was located in Abbotsford which is one of the eastern suburbs in Melbourne. The apartment was modern and small but convenient. Me and my friend had our own room. We also got an access to the buildings gym and pool which were in a really good condition. The couple who owned the apartment were really nice and welcoming. Our stay with them was overall really good.

I also stayed one night in Nomads CBD before doing a road trip to Great Ocean Road and one night in King Street Backpackers after the roadtrip. Nomads CBD was alright for one night, the rooms weren’t comfy or nice at all. They have a bar downstairs and a little patio area outside which seemed nice. King Street Backpackers felt bit too crammed in as they didn’t have any other common area than just the dining area which was in the same space with the reception. Again rooms weren’t comfortable or nice. The hostel is located right next to the Southern Cross Station which is convenient.

When it comes to deciding where to stay in Melbourne, I enjoyed St Kilda the most even though I didn’t spend that much time in there. It’s nice area close to the beach and Albert Park. The tram runs quite often between St Kilda and CBD. You have grocery store and some nice looking bars, cafes and restaurants in there too. But if you are planning on staying a week in Melbourne, I would advise to stay in the CBD as everything is in a walking distance or use the tram since the whole of CBD is a free tramzone.


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