Roadtrip to the Pinnacles

There’s quite few things to see in Western Australia; Margaret River with it’s wineries, Exmouth’s coral beaches and the limestones of the Pinnacles. I myself went as far north as the Pinnacles. Me and three other people who I met in my hostel, and one of them became a really good friend, did a day roadtrip to the Pinnacles which is Nambung National Park.

Our goal was to get to the Pinnacles for the sunset. The day started off nice, we also had the weather on our side. Well, we got out of Fremantle to the next small town in Perth region. We were driving on a highway behind a truck. Everything was going well, but then we heard a phoosh noise, a one that you hear when something with air inside breaks, and soon we realised that the other back tyre was flat. Fortunately, we just came to an intersection and drove to this little shop. Securing the car in place with brick blocks that we found from a construction site near us (we took them back later of course) and then changed the tire and we were good to go again.

pinnacles car tyre.jpg

A piece of metal punctured the tyre

Our first stop, on our way to the Pinnacles, was Yanchep National Park which is approx. 56 kilometers north of Perth. When you drive in there, you need to pay 12 dollars for parking per vehicle. The National Park itself is really nice. They have a souvenir shop there, a coffee shop and you can do different things in there like a tour of the Crystal Cove, bush walks and see koalas.

pinnacles yanchep.jpg

Yanchep National Park

After visiting Yanchep, we drove straight to Cervantes which is approx. 200 kilometers north of Perth and also the place where Nambung National Park is. We stopped there to eat and to have a drink and carried our drive to the Pinnacles.


Cervantes, WA

As we got to the Pinnacles quite late, just before sunset, there was only two other people in there and we didn’t need to pay any parking fees. Before you get to the area where the limestones are, you need to walk approx. 5 minutes. It’s a good pathed walk that is accessible also for disabled.

pinnacles limestones.jpg

You can also get some funny looking limestones

pinnacles limestone sunset.jpg

I have to say that seeing the limestones isn’t a life changing experience. I went there because people who I know were planning on doing a roadtrip to the Pinnacles and I thought why not? Should you go there or not, I will leave to you. But if you are staying in Perth, it’s a nice roadtrip that you can do in one day. The drive from Perth to the Pinnacles is pretty much a straight road in the outback on a sealed road. But I must say that when you get back after the sun has set, there is quite a lot of kangaroos standing on the sides of the road ready to hop across the road. They like to start moving during the night and they move in packs so make sure your car is reliable. But the positive side is that in the outback you can see the stars more bright and also the milky way.


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